3 Ways to Uncover Your Talents as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

spiritual entrepreneur

Do you desire to start a purpose-driven spiritual business but don’t know where to begin? Well, discovering your talents and unique gifts is the first step. 

When you understand the skills that light up your soul, you can confidently share them with the world and fulfill your destiny as a spiritual entrepreneur.

Exploring the Gifts That Make You a Spiritual Entrepreneur

For many years, I climbed the corporate ladder to what some might say was a great success. As Vice President, I earned prestige and a substantial salary. 

But after years in the rat race, I felt creatively stifled and spiritually dim inside. I dreaded going to work every morning just for the paycheck. 

Then, one day, everything changed…

I faced an ethical dilemma and was forced to choose between my values and corporate greed. When I selected integrity over profit, I immediately resigned.

In that pivotal moment, my true talents and skills became clear:

I’m a creative visionary able to manifest innovative ideas.

I’m an empathetic communicator who can deeply connect with others.

I have a gift for spiritual healing and guiding people to transform.

The corporate environment had suppressed these innate talents. But now my path as a spiritual entrepreneur was calling… 

I realized worldly success isn’t about job titles or prestige. It’s about doing work that makes your soul sing!

spiritual entrepreneur

How Spiritual Entrepreneurs Can Uncover Their Spiritual Gifts 

An excellent place to start uncovering your spiritual gifts is by trying these three simple but powerful exercises:

  1. Make a Strengths List

Set a timer for 5 minutes. Quickly write down every talent or skill you possess. Don’t overthink it. Just let it flow! Review your list – do any strengths resonate as part of your spiritual gifts?

  1. Identify Praise Patterns

Reflect on compliments you’ve received. What abilities were you praised for repeatedly? Common themes reveal innate talents!

  1. Analyze Activities

What activities bring you joy and make you lose track of time? Make a list! They provide clues about your natural skills.

These exercises will reveal clues about your innate talents. For a more in-depth self-discovery experience, my online course Mission Possible 2.0 will take you much deeper. It’s designed for aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs who want to uncover their purpose and turn it into a thriving business doing what they love (and loving what they do).

spiritual entrepreneur

Shining Your Light as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Discovering my talents set my spirit ablaze to leave corporate America and pursue work that lit up my soul! 

And while I’d love to keep this 100% positive, I also am very transparent. It was scary

Doubts crept in…  

How will I earn money doing what I love? Is this just a crazy dream?

Despite the uncertainty, my passion for purpose persisted like wildfire. I knew I had to feed it!

I believe in you, Soulopreneur. 

You have rare gifts to share – the world needs YOUR light! 


Are you ready to uncover your talents and share your divine mission? 

Tell us what you’re passionate about. We’d love to hear all about it! 

Comment below, and we’ll be sure to check in with you after. 

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  1. I love energy healing I have a small practice I’d love to grow. I love reading Auras, I can tell people where they leak energy/happiness. I just finished channellers academy.

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