Shifting into an Abundance Mindset

abundance mindset

What if I told you there’s enough business opportunities for everyone to succeed? I think so.

What if I told you that I don’t believe in competition? Well… I don’t. (And neither should you.)

Shifting into an abundance mindset is the first step to success. Doesn’t matter how much education you have, how many certifications you’ve earned, or even how much money you have to invest. 

It doesn’t even matter if you’ve been handed your business on a silver platter.

In this post, we will explore what it means to have an abundance mindset, how to adjust yours, and how to create an abundant life AND never think about competition again.

What Does it Mean to Have an Abundance Mindset?

An abundance mindset is the realization that there’s no such thing as lack.

When I look back on my life, those times that I struggled with abundance were simply the times that I didn’t believe there was “enough.” People weren’t willing to pay me enough. The economy was bad. Or, there were too many businesses just like mine in my area. I was a victim of outside circumstances.

Then, I realized… it had everything to do with what’s “inside” of me.

The truth is abundance takes place in your heart. It’s pretty simple.

Having an abundance mindset means first believing that there is enough to go around – even if you have to “fake it til you make it”. It means believing that there are plenty of opportunities and you actually get to choose the perfect ones for you. When you have an abundance mindset, you see the world as a place of opportunity, rather than a place of scarcity. It’s the proverbial glass as half full and not half empty.

Then… you feel it in your heart. This is key.

Why your heart and not your mind?

Well, because your heart actually dictates what your mind thinks, and your thoughts become words so when you’re saying, “there’s not enough…”, you FEEL it and you actually create.

And because you are heir to the laws of your realm – in other words, what you see is the reality you believe – your outside world is a direct reflection of your inside world. It IS your picture of abundance.

When my business partner, Marilyn, and I first began traveling and creating events all over the world, we struggled financially. Often, we’d make just enough money to cover our expenses with not a lot leftover to live on. It was a struggle to make a living. 

We would say aloud to the Universe, “we will go anywhere, and say anything as long as we know that it is the work of God/Universe, and as long as our expenses get covered.”

Well, guess what? That was our purchase order to the Universe (and our belief). Sure enough! Our expenses were always covered.

I would get discouraged and Marilyn would always tell me to have faith. Then, I realized that what we were saying – feeling – believing – was that we only need to make enough money to cover our expenses. We really needed to change that belief.

We stopped immediately and changed our mindset to, “thank you Universe, bring us more!”

I remember once we had an event up the coast, a day’s drive away. We barely had enough money in our checking account to cover a hotel room for the evening let alone the gasoline costs that we’d incur. 

When we got to our event we only had three people signed up and two of them were the event hosts who wouldn’t be paying. Regardless, we opened our hearts and prepared for the event. We visualized the room full and we imagined (felt) what that would look like.

We told the Universe, “Thank you Universe, bring us more!”

We put out ten chairs. Soon, those ten chairs were filled so we put out another ten, and then another ten. Eventually, within about a half hour enough people showed up to fill the room.

As we began the event, we glanced at each other with eyes wide open as if to say, “phew! Sure glad that worked out.” And you know what? It always did. As we grew in faith and in business experience together, our participants grew in number.

“Trust. Trust. Trust. Trust. Trust. Trust. Trust.” That’s one of my favorite Adironnda quotes. If you don’t know who Adironnda is you can learn all about them here.

An abundance mindset is actually the total opposite of a scarcity mindset, which is the belief that resources are limited and that you must compete to get what you need. I say, don’t allow that to enter your mind, just trust. I do mean, really trust. FEEL it. Shifting into an abundance mindset can benefit your business by allowing you to focus on opportunities. Those opportunities began to diminish your belief about competition all together.

abundance mindset

How to Get an Abundance Mindset

First, decide to have an abundance mindset. Your life is a series of choices and abundance is no different. You may have to change how you live your life, your friends, your habits in order to get an abundance mindset.


Shift your frequency into a higher vibration. This may be a little bit too “woo-woo” for you, but bear with me. It begins with the belief that there is more than enough success, money, clients, and business for everyone to be able to live a life they love. When we empower ourselves, we can empower others! That sounds easy enough, right?

Practice gratitude by focusing on the abundance in your life. Practice gratitude for what you have, rather than focusing on what you lack. It can be as simple as I am grateful for my hair. Or, I’m grateful that I have a roof over my head. Start there. Surround yourself with positivity and people who share an abundance mindset. Once you get the ball rolling, you will be finding gratitude in even the darkest corners of your life. Trust, right?

Visualize success and abundance in your life, and take action towards your goals. Make a list daily: three things I’m going to do today and do them. Even if they are little tiny steps towards what you want. Three steps a day multiplied by 365 days will surprise you! By focusing on abundance, you can begin to shift your mindset towards one of abundance and success! You won’t believe the changes that you can experience when you decide that you have what it takes to live your dream life.

How to Live an Abundant Life

This is the most important part because it’s not really about having an abundance mindset in business as much as it is about living with an abundance mindset. The business will follow, I promise. Just focus on the gratitude and write to me in a year. You will be so shocked at what shows up if you commit to this simple process.

One of my favorite sayings is, “Gratitude is the Abracadabra of the Universe.” I say it so much that I hear people quote me as being the person who first said it. I borrowed it from someone along the way and I urge you to use it, too.

Living an abundant life means living a life of purpose and fulfillment. It means doing work that you love, surrounded by people you care about. The financial security and the freedom to pursue your passions just falls into perfect alignment. It’s part of the definition of abundance. Most people think you have to be “rich” first. It’s actually the other way around. Have a feeling of abundance in everything you do. 

To live an abundant life, it helps to identify what abundance means to you. What brings you joy and fulfillment? What are your passions and goals? Once you have identified these things, take action toward them. Remember the commitment to doing three things everyday even if they are small steps towards your goals.

Surround yourself with positive people who share your values and beliefs. Sometimes you do have to remove yourself from people who don’t support your dreams. It takes a really strong spiritual person to be able to dream while in a negative environment. If you can, congratulations. 

If you can’t create optimism from negativity, don’t be afraid to create boundaries. Afterall, it’s your life that we are talking about. You are literally giving your life to this time. Be sure to practice gratitude for what you have, and focus on abundance rather than scarcity. By doing these things, you can shift your mindset towards one of abundance and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

So… What are YOU grateful for today? Share in the comments!


XO, Joeaux


Joeaux Robey (pronounced “Joy”) is an author and artist, lightworker, 

speaker, marketing executive, and proud Soulopreneur. 

Curious? Visit to learn more.

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  1. Wonderful reminder, Joeaux. Sometimes I get all caught up in the visualization but forget to Trust. That’s the key part.

  2. Thank you, Joesux! I am so thankful for you and Marilyn, Master Randy, Lee & Monica and Kryon for being of service at this remarkable time. I receive inspiration, guidance and healing every time I connect. Your Love and support assists me in being a strong pillar of Light as I allow and receive the Love and Light of the Universe to fill my being every day, touching every cell in my body. May my inner Source keep bringing more! I also LOVE my cobalt blue water bottle! Just can’t get enough of that color! Thank you, Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Wonderful stuff – just what I needed to be reminded of after lunch with people who watch too much news…

  4. Perfectly timed message, dearest Joeaux! I really needed to hear the reminder. Thank you for being the light you are and broadcasting these divine messages that will serve all of our highest good! So much appreciation for you, Marilyn, the Council of Light, and all the non-physical partners of Humanity and Gaia! Look forward to seeing you and Marilyn again in Dallas! Namaste!

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