Becoming a Better Lightworker


Hello, Soulopreneur ––welcome back to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

Have you ever baked chocolate chip cookies and wondered if you could make them even better? Maybe with one more dash of sugar, an extra splash of vanilla… or a handful more of chocolate chips! After all, better is better, right? 

Well, today, we’ll explore what it truly means to be a ‘better’ Lightworker and how embracing your inner truth can lead you to a path of spiritual and business alignment and fulfillment. So, let’s illuminate the path to becoming a better Lightworker.

What Makes Someone a Lightworker?

Being a Lightworker is about more than just a title; it’s a calling, a way of life. A Lightworker is someone who has recognized their purpose to spread love, healing, and light in the world. They are like spiritual lighthouses, guiding others out of the darkness and towards the shores of self-discovery.

A Lightworker is innately connected to their intuition and heart, driven by a deep desire to help others and contribute positively to the world. We operate from a place of love, compassion, and kindness. When we accept our role as a Lightworker, we embark on a mission to make the world a better place, one person at a time. What a beautiful thing it is, isn’t it?

What Happens When You Do Inner Work?

Inner work can look different for everyone, but a lot of the steps are the same. Many use journaling or meditation to uncover deep-rooted trauma that’s in need of healing. Inner work is necessary for the self-discovery and self-improvement that every Lightworker must undertake.

It’s a process of diving into the depths of your soul, facing your fears, healing old wounds, and aligning with your true self. When you commit to inner work, you become a vessel for greater light to flow through you.

By facing your own shadow, you gain the wisdom and understanding necessary to guide others through their darkness. As you heal and transform, you radiate a brighter light, attracting those who seek your guidance. Inner work isn’t just a personal journey; it’s a profound transformation that empowers you to be a more effective and authentic Lightworker.


What Type of People Are Healers?

Healers come in all forms and from all walks of life. They can be reiki practitioners, therapists, energy workers, life coaches, or even business leaders with a strong sense of ethics and compassion. What unites them is their innate ability to facilitate healing in others, whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Healers are deeply empathetic and have a natural gift for connecting with people on a soul level. They see the potential for growth and transformation in every individual they encounter. As a Soulopreneur and a Lightworker, you are a healer in your own right. You contribute to the healing of the world through your conscious business practices and the positive impact you create!


How Can We Become A Better Lightworker?

According to one of my favorite books, The Four Agreements, doing our best is the 4th principle. Some days we’ll have better days than others, but trying our best is what can help us become better lightworkers.

What can also help us to become better lightworkers is making sure that we practice self-care and develop routines to nurture our own light. I’ll tell you what I do – I practice journaling and meditation. 

When we embrace our inner Lightworker and step into our human potential it is better for us and for the world as a whole. 

Ready to Discover Your Mission as a Lightworker?

When you lean into your mission, you become a brighter light. By shining your light and embracing your role as a Soulopreneur, you inspire others to do the same, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Share in the comments about a time where someone helped you see the light, or maybe a time you helped someone else! We’d love to compile the best “Lightworker” tips and feature your tips in our weekly emails to help others!

Together, we can create a world filled with more love, compassion, and conscious business practices.


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