Channeling Your Destiny

Hey there, Souloprenuer. 

Are you ready to explore the depths of your potential? 

Ignite the spark of Divine purpose within you? 

Unlock those doors to a life filled with purpose, abundance, and spiritual awakening?

If you’re a yes – you’ve landed in the right place. There are no mistakes… It’s time to embrace your Divine calling and tap into the limitless power that’s within you! 

We’re heading out on a path of illumination, where the practice of channeling becomes a guiding light in unveiling your soul’s mission and connecting you with the infinite wisdom of the universe.

Can I get a hallelujah? (Smile.) Though the descriptive words around channeling and Divine purpose can get fairly lofty, it’s way more attainable than you may realize. 

What does “Divine” Mean, Spiritually?

In the realm of spirituality, “Divine” refers to the most sacred aspects of existence. 

Divine refers to a transcendent force, an energy that connects us with the infinite wisdom of the universe. When we speak of our Divine purpose, we’re talking about the unique mission or calling that our souls are here to fulfill, aligning with the Divine purpose of the cosmos.

Take Divine order, for example. Let’s go back to the moment when my path crossed with the Divine link known as Marilyn Harper, and how that meeting set both of us on a course to fulfill our Divine purpose of guiding people on the powerful journey of channeling.

It all started when a friend of Marilyn’s told me to give Marilyn a call… 

I happened to be at a totally random place – an RV sales lot, and she was the random sales person assigned to me. I had no idea who Marilyn was, let alone that she was a channel. I found myself in spiritual territory, though I was unaware that it existed and I also had no idea what it meant to channel. 

Regardless… Little did I know that the universe had a grand plan in store for me that day. 

Upon meeting this chance encounter, a Divine spark ignited. When I reluctantly phoned Marilyn and told her that I had no idea why I was calling but that this person had told me to call her, Marilyn (luckily) immediately recognized the immense power and potential of our collaboration. Her intuition kicked in and unbeknownst to me at the time, mine did too. 

We somehow knew that together, we could create something extraordinary—a platform to guide and support others on their journey of discovering their innate abilities, happiness, and eventually–their channel. 

It was a rather mysterious and focused calling, a shared mission to unlock the hidden gifts within individuals and help them connect with higher realms of consciousness. We each brought something different to the partnership. Marilyn brought spirituality; I brought business; and we both brought a huge amount of trust.

We said, “yes” to our Divine purpose and began to liberate our limitless potential! That’s when our mantra became, “Everything is possible”. The fact that you are reading this makes me believe that you are ready, too.

What is an Example of a Divine Purpose?

Your Divine purpose is a profound and deeply meaningful calling that each of us carries within. Discovering this purpose is a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual alignment. One powerful tool that can aid you in this exploration is the practice of channeling.

Channeling serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, allowing you to connect with higher wisdom and Divine guidance. Through channeling, you open yourself up to receive messages, insights, and inspiration from the infinite intelligence of the universe. It is a means to access profound clarity, innovative ideas, and solutions that are perfectly attuned to your soul’s Divine purpose.

It could be a calling to bring healing and transformation to others, to create art that uplifts and inspires, to advocate for social justice, or to spread love and compassion in every interaction. Your Divine purpose is a sacred contract between your soul and the Universe, a purpose that resonates deep within your being and ignites a sense of fulfillment and alignment.

Through channeling, you become a vessel for Divine messages, ideas, and solutions that can transform your spiritual business. It’s leverage that other business owners have no idea exists. It’s a powerful means to receive clarity, guidance, and innovative strategies that align perfectly with your soul’s Divine purpose. 

The wisdom and guidance you receive through channeling can illuminate the passions, talents, and mission that are encoded within your soul.

How Do I Connect with the Divine?

If you are ready to take a leap into the realm of Divine connection, you can learn to channel. Just saying, “yes” will begin to open that connection for you. It’s like a muscle, it’s already part of you, it just needs to be exercised.

For this exact reason, we have a specific event that will guide you on the path of channeling and help you unlock the power of your Divine purpose. Once you “feel” your unique channel, then you know what to practice.

At our How to Channel – Even If (You Think) You Can’t Live events, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from seasoned spiritual mentors. We will share practical techniques, profound insights, and powerful practices that will enable you to tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe and channel Divine messages, ideas, and solutions.

Whether you are a curious seeker or a Souloprenuer, this event will provide you with the tools and guidance to integrate channeling into your spiritual business and align with your soul’s Divine purpose. 

Imagine the possibilities that await as you open yourself up to receive clarity, inspiration, and innovative strategies directly from the Divine source.

Don’t miss this chance to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual expansion. Be prepared to embrace your Divine purpose, connect with higher realms of consciousness, and unleash your limitless potential when you attend one of our How to Channel – Even If (You Think) You Can’t Live events!

You create your own  universe and that Universe absolutely has a grand plan in store for you. 

Let’s come together and channel the Divine to co-create a world filled with love, abundance, and spiritual awakening. And fulfilling business success.

Here’s to the Divine link in every one of us,

XO Joeaux

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