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Hello! My name is Joeaux
(pronounced “joy”)

I believe that everything is possible and that your life purpose is to live in joy (and the Universe wants to abundantly reward you).

But let’s go back a bit. Everyone’s journey is personal and unique. Mine has been filled with risk-taking, entrepreneurship, and ongoing learning— all the while being very curious and open to self-discovery.

As a constant learner, I studied at San Diego State University where I received my BFA and then my MBA from Pepperdine University, creating a solid foundation for my career as a successful marketer, strategist, and entrepreneur. Working with Fortune 500 companies and successfully building and selling four start-ups gave me tremendous leadership and management experience.

Yet nothing could prepare me for what came next.

A decade ago, I began consulting in the “woo-woo” niche of spirituality and esoteric healing. That’s when it happened. I began to feel an unfamiliar yet exciting internal shift.

Through a series of synchronicities, I became business partners with Marilyn Harper– the Divine Link for Adironnda and the Council of Light. I fell in love with the compassionate messages of Adironnda and witnessed the magic of gratitude and unconditional love.

I began dedicating my life to assisting humanity with this new-for-me understanding of consciousness and energy. I was practicing presence that led me to the power of “energetic marketing and compassionate business”. It was at that point that Soulopreneur was born!

My mission is simple. Not easy, but simple. I want to inspire people to take action and turn their dreams into reality. Teach them how to do what they love and love what they do. Provide practical and effective tools to transform their deep passion for spiritual work into a successful and thriving profession.

Adironnda told me, “When you are living a life of joy, you will use every skill that you’ve ever enjoyed, all at once!”

Working in this industry has brought me professional success AND personal growth. I want that for you!

I salute you, fellow (and future) Soulopreneurs!

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