Lighting the Path


If you consider yourself a Lightworker, you are someone who has a Divine purpose to spread light and love throughout the world. When you dedicate your entire life to your practice, you transcend far beyond the identity of a Lightworker.

When you start a business as a Lightworker, you’re no ordinary spiritual entrepreneur – you are a Soulopreneur.  

You are someone who infuses their business with purpose, meaning, and a deep connection to the spiritual realms. As a Soulopreneur, you have the ability to not only shape your business success but also to uplift and inspire others on their spiritual and personal growth journeys, making a positive impact that ripples through the collective consciousness.

Have questions? Let’s answer a few of those… 

How Do You Know if You are a Lightworker?

This is a question that often lingers in the hearts of many awakened souls. A Lightworker is someone who feels an innate calling to serve others, to spread love, compassion, and enlightenment. 

You might find yourself drawn to the spiritual, metaphysical, or holistic realms, and you have a natural inclination to assist others on their paths to healing and personal growth. Being a Lightworker isn’t just about having a “day job” – it’s a fundamental aspect of your identity, shining brightly through your interactions and endeavors.

You may have an intuitive sense of empathy, often feeling the emotions and energies of those around you. You understand that your purpose extends beyond the mundane, and you strive to make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. 

The world needs you to step into your soul’s purpose NOW – more than ever. 

Here’s part of my story that will give you a bit of perspective…


I found myself climbing the corporate ladder many years ago, where my journey as a Soulopreneur began. I worked my way into the boardroom as VP of an impressive company, was the only woman on the executive team, fancy office, the whole 9. One day an employee came to me with an issue – one of our clients had made a request that she considered deeply unethical.

The board brought this situation to the attention of our in-house counsel to determine whether carrying out this request would be legal or not. After hearing the situation, the counsel advised that while the request was, in fact, legal – it was NOT ethical. To my surprise, the CEO said to go ahead and do it. I felt my whole body tighten. 

I took it upon myself to express my concerns to the CEO after the meeting. I conveyed that I couldn’t in good conscience share this work with my children, and that their perception as well as my personal values held great significance to me. 

His response was to suggest delegating the task if I didn’t wish to oversee it. Again- this shocked me. The following week, I submitted my resignation.

In that moment, I began to discover my life’s purpose. Two core principles became crystal clear: #1 It’s gotta be ethical. #2 I have to serve humanity. 

I realized then that no job was worth compromising my values. Those values were, and always will be, non-negotiable. 


If you find yourself resonating with these qualities, you might just be a Lightworker.

What is the Purpose of the Lightworker?

The Lightworker’s purpose is a divine mission to bring more light, love, and healing into the world. You serve as a guiding beacon, illuminating the path for others to follow. Your business, your life, your essence – it’s all dedicated to helping humanity ascend to a higher state of consciousness

You’re like a lighthouse on the stormy seas of life, offering hope and guidance to those in need.

Many of us reach a point in our lives where we’ve checked off a list of our goals such as buying a house, starting a family, traveling the world, etc. Why is it that it’s only at this point that we realize we are not happy?

Something’s missing, something’s not quite right, something is out of alignment.. but you can’t quite put your finger on it. You are not alone. 

The secret to finding your soul purpose is by aligning your values, your skills, and your passion/talen. In our Plurkshops, we call this the Trinity of Truth. 

Through your spiritual and heart-centered approach, you’re not just in it for profit; you’re here to make a profound impact on the collective consciousness. As a Soulopreneur, your business is a vessel for transformation, and you recognize that success goes hand in hand with personal and spiritual growth.


Does Every Soul Have a Purpose?

Absolutely, and it’s a core belief of a Lightworker. The universe weaves a unique tapestry for each soul, and every thread has a purpose. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you, too, are part of this grand design. 

Your journey as a Lightworker involves not just understanding your own purpose but helping others discover theirs as well. Every soul has a role to play in life, and yours is to be a guiding star for those who seek enlightenment. Your purpose is to inspire, uplift, and awaken the souls of this world, allowing them to step into their own Divine power.

Do you have a story about when you were able to be the light for someone in your life? Share in the comments, Soulopreneurs! 

You’re here to elevate the vibrational frequency of this planet, one soul at a time. So, go ahead, embrace your divine calling, and let your inner Lightworker shine brilliantly. 

Let’s create a world filled with love, purpose, and passion.

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