Mission Possible 2.0 Bonuses

 Finding Your Brilliance Zone

Discover the key to unlocking your true potential and thriving personally and professionally by identifying and operating within your Brilliance Zone. Learn to recognize your unique strengths, passions, and values and how to align your work and life with these core elements. 

Resources Mentioned in the Video: 

The Power of When – Michael Breus 
Start with Why – Simon Sinek
Dragon Tree Journal

Super Brain Tea Recipe

  • Mix equal parts Green Tea, Rosemary, Peppermint, and Basil (dried).
  • I buy in bulk and mix 1 cup of each, together, at a time
  • Add dry tea to a tea strainer and pour boiling water over it. (Approximately 1 teaspoon of tea per 6 oz. of water)
  • Steep for 6 or 7 minutes
  • Add 1 full dropper of both Gingko Biloba and Gotu Kola (liquid form)
  • Add 1 rounded teaspoon of Lion’s Mane Organic Mushroom Powder
  • Add 1 Tablespoon of 3:6:9 Blend Omega Fatty Acids

Meditation Mastery: 21 Days to an Awesome Life - Week 1 (Awakening)

Embark on a transformative journey of awakening through meditation. Discover the foundational techniques and mindset shifts to catalyze your growth and well-being.

Meditation Mastery: 21 Days to an Awesome Life - Week 2 (Flow)

Deepen your meditation practice and cultivate a state of effortless flow. Explore advanced techniques that harmonize your mind, body, and spirit, unleashing your full potential.

Meditation Mastery: 21 Days to an Awesome Life - Week 3 (Em-BODY-ment)

Integrate your meditation practice into every aspect of your being, achieving true em-BODY-ment. Establish a sustainable routine that supports your ongoing transformation and allows you to manifest an awesome life.

Mission Accomplished Private Community

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