528 Hz Meditation


Align Your Business Chakras with this 528 Hz Meditation

Align your business with its soul purpose using this powerful chakra meditation. Featuring the 528 Hz heart frequency, it activates energetic centers so your gifts can fully shine. Get ready to expand your divine mission as you balance your business chakras.


Bring your business into alignment with its divine purpose using this specialized chakra meditation. Featuring the 528 Hz tone associated with the heart chakra, this meditation clears blocked energy and activates each of your key business chakras.

You’ll receive a downloadable guide detailing the seven business chakras located along the spine. Learn what each one represents – from Divine Mission and Future Plans and Strategies to Balance, Power, and Money. With balanced and open business chakras, you gain the energy and insights needed to fulfill your soul’s mission.

Listen to this meditation daily or whenever you need clarity around the next steps for your purpose-driven business. The 528 Hz frequency, also known as the heart frequency, activates the energetic heart center. Get into the flow and watch your divine purpose unfold.


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