Mission Possible 2.0 Split Pay

$111.00 / month for 4 months

Uncover Your Soul’s Divine Mission, Fuel Your Life’s Purpose, and Ignite Your Dreams

Step into a world of limitless possibilities! Discover a journey of true transformation, self-discovery, and purpose with our Mission Possible 2.0 Course. This soul-filled and empowering course is designed to help you unlock your divine mission, align your passions with your impact and mission on this earth, and create a life of fulfillment that feels good for you (and changes the planet). You’ll lift off with us on a soulful adventure, crafting a powerful mission statement and igniting your future of possibilities. Unleash your potential with Mission Possible 2.0!

By signing up, you are agreeing to pay a total of $444. Through one payment of $444 or 4 monthly payments of $111.


Get ready to lift off with us on a soulful adventure, where you’ll craft a powerful mission statement that serves as a guiding compass, igniting the path toward a future of endless possibilities. Together, we’ll unleash your potential and let your brilliance shine!

What You’ll Get from Mission Possible 2.0–

Get Clear On Your Purpose–

No more feeling like you’re living someone else’s life. In this course, you’ll gain crystal-clear clarity on your divine mission, knowing the precise steps to take to bring it all to life.

Get More Out Of Your Life–

Tap into the boundless reservoir of potential within you, unlocking the secrets to experiencing more abundance, joy, and fulfillment in every aspect of your existence. Prepare to create a life that exceeds even your wildest dreams.

Get High-Frequency Support–

You’ll never be alone on this soulful journey. With me as your co-pilot and a vibrant community of like-minded, supportive, and spiritual individuals just like you, you’ll have a sounding board to share your experiences, gain insights, and uplift each other throughout the course.


Each module in our exclusive learning platform is designed to build upon the last, guiding you step-by-step toward soulful discoveries and transformations.

  • Getting Started, Step-By-Step––Lay the foundation for your soulful adventure, setting the stage for growth and fun exploration.
  • Knowing and Defining Your Values– Uncover the core values that resonate with your soul. 
  • A Deeper Understanding Of Your Talents and Skills– Dive into the essence of your unique talents and skills, recognizing the gifts that make you extraordinary.
  • Embracing Your Passions– Discover the fuel that ignites your soul, unlocking the power to pursue your deepest passions with purpose.
  • Connecting the Dots– Witness the power of connection as you weave your purpose into impact.
  • Divine Mission– Craft a powerful mission statement that aligns your heart, soul, and actions toward a life of fulfillment and purpose.
  • And so much more!

What’s Next?

Come plurk with us (play+ work=plurk) and immerse yourself in a transformative experience with engaging video lessons, downloadable resources, and more. This course is more than just learning… it’s an exploration of the essence of your being, an invitation to discover the truth within you.

Join us in Mission Possible 2.0! Are you ready to lift off?