Soulopreneur Conductive Metal Awareness Bracelets


Stay Connected on Your Purposeful Path with this Conductive Metal Awareness Bracelet

This purposeful bracelet combines copper, pyrite, and hematite to help you stay grounded, balanced, and aligned with your soul’s mission. Wear it for 21 days to shift habits and patterns that no longer serve your divine work.

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Align your energy with your soul’s purpose using this conductive metal awareness bracelet. The copper in this bracelet acts as a conduit between the earth and the cosmos, while the pyrite integrates higher frequencies and balances polarities. Hematite grounds spiritual energy and aligns the chakras.

Select the size that best fits:

Small (7 1/4″ around)

Medium (8 1/4″ around)

Large (9″ around)

Wear this bracelet on the same wrist for 21 days to help shift old habits and patterns that block your divine mission. Each time you catch yourself thinking or speaking negatively, switch the bracelet to the other wrist to reset the 21-day cycle. This simple ritual keeps you conscious of old behaviors so you can move forward powerfully on your purposeful path.

This bracelet combines ancient wisdom with modern intention to help you stay focused, grounded, and empowered as you do your soul’s work in the world. When you need a boost of energy or a reminder to tune into your higher purpose, this bracelet has your back. Let its conductive properties keep you connected to your deepest truth.


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