Soulopreneur Rainbow Awareness Bracelet


Align Your Chakras with the Rainbow Chakra Awareness Bracelet

Activate balanced chakras and shift old habits with this rainbow glass and crystal bracelet. Its red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple beads align your business energy centers to open you to inspired action.

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Align your chakras and shift old habits with this rainbow glass and crystal awareness bracelet. As a rainbow of chakra colors, this bracelet activates and balances your energy centers for business success and spiritual growth.

The red glass beads energize your root chakra for security and strength, while orange opens your sacral chakra for creativity and joy. Yellow aligns your solar plexus chakra to build confidence and personal power. The green beads activate your heart chakra for unconditional love and compassion.

Blue glass beads balance your throat chakra for truth and communication, and indigo aligns your third eye for intuition and inner vision. The purple beads energize your crown chakra for universal wisdom and divine connection. Finally, the clear quartz crystals amplify the vibrations for chakra alignment and habit transformation.

By wearing this bracelet on your left wrist for 21 days, you’ll clear blockages in your chakras and energy field to gain clarity on your purposeful business path. When old patterns arise, switch wrists to reset the ritual. In this way, the bracelet keeps you conscious of behaviors so you can make empowered choices.

Let this chakra bracelet open you to new possibilities as you do your soul’s work. Its rainbow colors will fill you with energy, inspiration, and divinely guided action. Align your business chakras and shift your habits now!

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