Soulopreneur Rose Quartz Awareness Bracelet


Align Your Heart’s Purpose with the Rose Quartz Awareness Bracelet

Activate self-love and compassion with this natural rose quartz awareness bracelet. Its high vibrational healing properties open your heart chakra to divinely guided action.

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Open your heart to universal love and spiritual connection with this natural rose quartz awareness bracelet. Made of rose quartz crystal, this bracelet can assist in shifting old habits that no longer serve your highest purpose.

Known as the “Love Stone,” rose quartz activates romance, pure love, and self-care within your being. Its high vibrational frequencies bathe your body, mind and spirit in enlightened love and compassion. By resonating with the heart chakra, rose quartz dissolves emotional wounds and fears to align your actions with your soul’s purpose.

By wearing this bracelet on your left wrist for 21 days, you’ll clear blockages in your energy field and gain clarity on your divine mission. When negative thoughts arise, switch it to your right wrist to reset the 21-day ritual. In this way, the bracelet keeps you conscious of old patterns so you can fully enter your purposeful path.

With its crystal powers, this bracelet helps you stay open, grounded, and empowered to express divine love through your life’s work. When you need a boost of rosy radiance or a reminder of your true purpose, this bracelet infuses your heart with universal guidance. Let its healing energies keep you divinely connected as you fulfill your soul’s destiny.

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